TGIFriday Faves.

Hello and TGIF to you! It’s a rainy Friday here but I have to tell you that I am more than ready for a fun and relaxing 3 day weekend! It looks like Sonja from RHONY is doing a little happy dancing with me too.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

-The fact that SoulCycle is now in Dallas! I seriously cannot wait to check out a class…already booking one for next week. FINALLY. Can’t wait to check out the studio and hopefully get some fresh new ideas. As an instructor it’s always great to take other classes! I will definitely be reporting back.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 9.31.40 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 9.23.13 AM

-Moto leggings…super cute and I love all of the fun colors. And I’m also loving basically everything on GroopDealz.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 8.23.57 AM

-The veggie rolls from Whole foods…these are so good and refreshing! Especially with the added avocado and some peanut sauce on the side. YUM.

2016-05-27 09.28.03

-Celebrating National Wine Day on Wednesday…ha! As if I really need a designated day to celebrate this.

2016-05-25 19.43.58

-The fact that I just signed up for the BMW Dallas Marathon in December!!! Bring on summer and fall 26.2 training. Seriously can’t wait.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 9.30.01 AM

How was your week?

Are you looking forward to anything on this lovely 3 day weekend?
Yoga at a brewery, long running it, & getting my hair done.

7 Before 7 and 5 Benefits of Outdoor Workouts.

7 miles before 7 a.m. with the crew this morning in about 90 percent humidity. Just working up a sweat before the rain came through! It actually felt like a great detox…yes, running is a big part of my beauty regimen. Gotta love it.

2016-05-26 10.10.59

I have to say these early morning runs have become a staple in my workout routine. It’s definitely not always easy to get up at the crack of dawn but I’m always happy in the end that I did it. It doesn’t hurt that many times I get to see the sunrise and hang out with my closest runner friends. I love me some Irving Running Club.


Here are some benefits to getting up and getting outdoors. Whether you run, do an outdoor strength session or sunset yoga…getting out into the elements is a great way to get that heart rate up and work the body out.

1. The endorphin rush is like no other. For me there’s no quicker way to turn my mood around than to get outside and get running.

2. Nature can kind of be pretty distracting! Most times I am so in love with my surroundings that I forget I’m working out! And for me that is so key. You are more likely to be more consistent if you are doing something that you LOVE…that doesn’t feel like such an obligation. Running for me never feels like something that I HAVE to do. It’s always something I want to do. Whether it’s speedwork, long run, tempo whatever. It’s all fun to me. Hard work, but fun work.

2016-05-22 09.09.40

3. Being out in the elements can provide a more challenging workout. It is what you make it. Often times you are facing wind, rain, heat, cold, hills, all kinds of things that you wouldn’t encounter at the gym or on the treadmill. And I love it.

4. Fresh air, more oxygen going to the body. Can’t argue about that.

5. Working out in nature is absolutely free. No gym payments or crazy studio fees. Get out in nature more and save a little dough. Your wallet will thank you.

What are some of the benefits you’ve experienced working out outdoors?

Muggy Miles and Weds Spin Playlist.

Well hello there! This morning called for a quick run with my buddies in the humid Texas air. Muggy miles equals post run delicious hot coffee.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 8.23.24 AM

Yes…that’s my motto.

Busy day so let’s get straight to this week’s spin playlist! I’ll be teaching classes tonight and tomorrow so join me in Bedford and/or Irving for a hot cycle session.

Let’s go for a ride!


Who Did You Love- Flo Rida feat Arianna: Warm up
679- Fetty Wap feat Remy Boyz: Jumps
Me Too- Meghan Trainor: Accelerations
Fireball- Pitbull (JM Castillo Mix): Tapbacks
Me, Myself & I- G Eazy & Bebe Rexha: Climb 5/6/7
Go Get It- T.I.: Rolling hills
Do it Again- Pia Mia feat Chris Brown: Climb 6/7/8
Don’t Tell ‘Em- Jeremih feat YG: Rolling hills
Boomshakatak- Wiwek & Alvaro: Sprints
Low Life- Future feat The Weeknd: Active recovery
Right Hand- Drake: Seated/standing run
Drop It- Trevor Jackson: Accelerations
How Deep is Your Love (Unorthodox Remix)- Calvin Harris: Rolling hills
Maiysha (So Long)- Miles Davis & Robert Glasper feat Erykah Badu: Cool down

What songs are you running/spinning/working out to this week?

Breakfast Club, Fossil Valley and 6 Things I Love About Trail Running.

Tuesday 10k this morning with my breakfast club crew. We actually had a bunch of colorful shoes show up for this morning’s run! Our posse is slowly growing little by little.

2016-05-24 09.24.43

So today I thought I’d talk about a few reasons why I really enjoy trail running. I know it’s not for everyone…and a lot of my road racing friends sometimes shy away from the trail. But there are definitely things to remember that will make you a better trail runner in the long run.

2016-05-24 10.32.26

These are the reasons why I enjoy taking a break from the pavement and embracing the dirt path!

1. It’s so good to mix up the terrain that you run on. As mostly a road runner/pavement pounder I know my feet definitely appreciate the break. Plus the softer surface is a tad easier on your joints.

2. You’re surrounded by beauty and nature. I tell ya…there is nothing more breathtaking than being surrounded by big trees and a shaded path. It’s like a runner’s paradise.

2016-05-24 10.33.01

3. Trail running is just another great way to bond with friends. I always have so much fun exploring nature with my running buddies. We plan on getting out there more often in the near future.

2016-05-22 09.09.11

4. You get an incredible workout and use different muscle groups. Especially with a technical/rocky terrain. I feel like trail running is a great way to use your core and parts of your body you wouldn’t normally use when you’re out on the cement. I also am usually quite sore afterwards. It’s running on a whole notha level!

5. It enables you to face your fears…I have to say I’m not an expert trail runner (and YES…I have fallen out there a time or three) but every time I embrace the trail It helps me get more confident…it’s all about practice and persistence. The more you do it, trust me…the better at trail running you will get. Just remember..take it easy, look at the ground underneath you, and steady is the key. Just keep on movin’.


6. It’s somewhat relaxing and just feels gosh darn GOOD! As I get older I’m learning to appreciate the trail more and more. It’s like being in a beautiful sanctuary of sorts.

Which leads me to my next adventure…Fossil Valley! I am signed up to run a TRAIL RELAY on July 23rd! Running at night with my closest runner friends…enjoying some running club bonding and crazy fun. I am super pumped about this one! Stay tuned.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.48.30 AM

What’s your next adventure? How is your running/training going?

Picnic in the Park, Sunday Trail Run and Wknd Recap.

This past weekend was pretty packed and filled with fun!! Long run, good times with friends and even some trail running! Let’s do a quick recap.


Saturday I was up early for a long run…watched the sunrise from start to finish. 14 miles done and 2 weeks til my 20th full marathon! San Diego, I am coming for you. Should be fun, I am feeling great after my 50 miler not long ago and ready to get back on the 26.2 train.


The rest of the day was chill…power nap and then the Irving Running Club had a picnic in the park. Folks kind of went all out and brought lots of goodies. The club itself is VERY diverse so whenever we have food events it’s a international food festival of sorts. Lots of yummies.


Love this crew…the festivities went on into the evening and I was spent at the end of the day.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 9.46.48 AM

The next day some of us ventured out to Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve for a Sunday trail run. The trail itself is quite hilly with lots of rocks and roots but made for a great workout. The legs are feeling it at bit today.

2016-05-22 09.11.05

Feels so good to get off the beaten path once again.

2016-05-22 09.10.33

Some of the crew just doing a little exploring.


After our fun galavanting through the trail it kinda got me pumped up to sign up for some more trail races in the near future! I have my eye on a couple items…will keep ya posted.

How was your weekend? Are you training for any upcoming races?

TGIFriday Faves.

Hip hip hooray for Friday! This week has been pretty busy and work filled so I am ready for some fun in the sun this weekend!

It has been raining off and on all week here in Dallas but today and tomorrow are looking like nothing but sunshine. Hello happiness.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 8.08.25 AM

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

-Reading The Real Housewives of Dallas recaps on the Front Burner blog…thank you D Magazine for the laughs. I actually am still not sure if I am all the way sold on the Dallas housewives or not. But it’s kind of like a train wreck…haha can’t stop watching.

What color is your personality? Apparently mine is red. I love it.

-Coffee and new running shoes. Check out Left Lane Sports by the way if you want a deal. I am forever in love with Newtons. They are just so flashy.

2016-05-19 07.25.45

A smarter way to increase running mileage. I am a big fan of recovery weeks…definitely the best way the build it up for sure.

-Seeing all of the posts about Rock n Roll San Diego! I’ll be running the marathon in 2 weeks!! Absolutely cannot wait for 26.2 in California.


How was your week? What are you looking forward to this weekend?

7 Distance Runner Habits (As Told by Tina Fey).

So in honor of Tina Fey’s birthday (yes, that’s a real holiday) we are doing a little GIF tribute!! And who doesn’t like a gif party? It’s a great way to celebrate Thursday…I mean Friday EVE.

This morning I ran 8 miles with the Irving Running Club crew. We had basically a downpour of rain towards the end but I was so happy to get the miles in. It’s always a good day when you can run 8 miles before 8 a.m.


So if you are a marathon or distance runner…you know we have our random habits…struggles…quirks…if you will. It’s all a part of the game of this beautiful sport. Here are some runner habits, in no particular order.

1. We like to get up real early…at the crack of dawn, for the pure love of getting those miles in. Nothing better than running with friends in the darkness.

2. Some of us tend to spend more money on running shoes and gear than on regular people clothes. Hey, it’s all about priorities. And if friends/family could just buy us running clothes/shoes as gifts on holidays &or/birthdays, OR gift cards to running stores…then that’s even better.

3. We have come to accept that blisters and chafing is just all a part of that runner life. Hopefully you are fully stocked with body glide and sporty socks to keep those feet looking somewhat decent.

4. Most of our friends are runners…I mean, let’s be honest it’s a tad harder for the non runners to relate. Runner friends just understand your crazy.

5. Runners enjoy good food and drink. Another glass of wine? Why yes please. I didn’t do my long run this weekend for nothing. Hashtag treat yoself.

6. Runners like to sleep. And when we are not running, we are usually at home chillin’, watching Netflix and/or planning our next run.

7. We get REAL excited about things like races, or traveling for a race. They are called RACE-cations. Yeah, it’s kind of the best thing ever. Let’s run all the miles and soak up all the endorphins.

What are some of your runner habits? Don’t be shy!

Weds Spin Playlist.

Hello hump day! I’ve got an awesome list of tracks for running and spinning today!

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 9.15.38 AM

I got in my 10k run this morning enjoying the rain with friends. It has been raining all week long here! But I kind of love it.


Rain for some reason makes coffee taste way better. Is it just me? Maybe it’s all in my head. Ha.

Without further ado let’s get to this week’s spin playlist! You can now find me on Spotify…follow me under thedancingrunner. Yes…I’m still working on the playlists. Be patient with me!

Let’s go for a ride!

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.26.55 AM

Can’t Stop the Feeling- Justin Timberlake: Warm up
Light it Up- Major Lazer: Climb 4/5/6
Whip It (Nightcore Mix)- Lunchmoney Lewis: Accelerations 15 on/10 off
Feel So Close/Let’s Go (Mashup)- Calvin Harris & Ne-Yo: Seated/standing run
Dessert- Dawin: Climb 5/6/7
If it Ain’t Love- Jason Derulo: Jumps
Flawless (I Woke Up Like This) Booty Bounce Remix- Beyonce: Accelerations 10 on/10 off
Rude Boy- Rihanna: Tapbacks
In the Dark (Remix)- Dev feat 50 cent: Climb 6/7/8
Night Cap- D.O.D.: Jumps on a hill
Body High- Mike Taylor: Active recovery
Who Do You Love- YG: Rolling hills
Dark River- Sebastian Ingrosso: Standing sprints
Back Up- Dej Loaf, Big Sean: Rolling hills
The Anthem: Pitbull feat Lil Jon: Sprints 30 x 4
Live From the Drawing Board- Oddisee: Cool down

What’s the weather like where you live?
It was raining early AM but now we get a break…hoping the sunshine makes a cameo!

What songs are rocking your workouts this week?

Rainy Miles and How to Recover From a Marathon (As Told by Bethenny Frankel).

True to Texas weather in the springtime, we had rain come through early this morning before the sunshine. Just a few light drizzles but it made it nice and cool for an early run with the breakfast club.


7 miles before 7 a.m. is simply the best with friends.

So for those of you that are wrapping up on spring training or getting ready to train for fall marathons (YAY!), today’s post should definitely come in handy! Here are a few ways I love to recover from races…specifically marathons! As told by the Real Housewives of New York’s Bethenny Frankel. Because I just love her brutal honesty.

-So right after finishing a marathon, you want to keep your body upright and moving! Sure, sitting down immediately after a race may seem like a good idea at the time, but you will pay for it later. You want to keep the blood flow going so move those legs! The walk to your car from the finish line should definitely help with this.

That walk from the finish line…yes, oh so fabulous. Gotta love that post marathon limp.

-Grab some eats! You want to replenish/refuel your body with the right things. A good carb to protein ratio is key. Personally I crave protein and all the salty things after a run. Especially breakfast foods. Yum.

-Get your body home, shower and maybe do an ice bath? baths are entirely optional. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Sure…the ice may not feel the most amazing but you may feel better when it’s done! I know…give it a try. Having a glass of wine may help you forget about the cold. I’m just saying, wine solves just about everything.

-After the most glorious post run shower you’re going to want to get those legs into some compression socks. They actually feel like a big hug for your muscles. Love ’em. My favorites are Pro Compression. Get on their mailing list and they will send you deals and steals.

-The days following a race, you want to make sure you continue to rehydrate, refuel your body with the right nutrition…and definitely catch some zzz’s.

-Do some other things other than just RUN! Shake up your workouts with some active recovery like yoga, cross training (like spin cycling, by absolute favorite) and slowly work your way back into your strength training routine.

-Oh yes… and hobbies are great! Haha…now that you have the time after committing your life/soul to marathon training, you can reunite with friends and loved ones. I’m sure they are happy to have you back. Also, go get a massage to celebrate your awesomeness.

What are some of the ways you like to recover from a marathon? What’s your favorite way to cross train?

Monday Mood, Moving Mayhem and Wknd Recap.

Monday mood. Why YES…Phaedra. I would love some coffee. Thank you for asking! Coffee and Mondays go hand in hand…am I right?

and yes…I think I am going to get this shirt in every color. Right up my alley.


Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was quite busy over here! I moved into a new place, got some running in and hung out with friends. Overall it was a productive, yet fun time.


Friday I had the day off from work (sorry, no TGIFriday Faves post!) and that day was moving day. I had all of my boxes ready to go. Thankfully I hired movers and my mama took a half day to help so the process was super smooth. I actually don’t think I’ve had a move go that smooth before! Check out God Brothers and Sisters moving company by the way if you’re in the Dallas area. They are freaking awesome.

Saturday I got to escape from moving mayhem for a long run with one of my IRC buds. It rained earlier that morning but the rain was clear after 8 AM or so. I got in a total of 12 miles that day.


Lunch time with mama…tacos and margaritas from Taco Diner. Well deserved I would say.


Saturday evening was a little trivia night with friends at Jack Mac’s Swill and Grill. I had never been to this place before but apparently they do trivia every Saturday! It was a fun time, definitely a must do again. I also hear they have a great brunch.

2016-05-16 09.26.08

Sunday runday…7 very easy miles around the lake. I was even able to stop and get a shoe pic.


I also opened a new to me pinot noir. It wasn’t my favorite (Meiomi is still my favorite pinot hands down) but I had to do a little taste testing. One of the perks of being a fitness instructor…sometimes your students give you great gifts, like wine. They know me well.


The highlight of the weekend…a lovely sunset from my brand new balcony with a stellar view of the lake. Seriously in love with those colors.


How was your weekend? Did you get into anything fun?