State Fair of Texas, 6 Days and Wknd Recap.

Well hello! Hope your week is getting off to a great start. This past weekend was full of fun…running, relaxing and a trip to the State Fair of Texas!



Big Tex says hello! (source)

Saturday morning I was up to watch the sunrise and get in some happy miles. Temps were darn near perfect hovering right around the 50s so I was excited for that. Hello, perfect running weather. Nice to see you again. Last double digit run before the marathon.


I’ve really been getting into podcasts lately and so I listened to some Runner’s Connect. Great little resource to keep those miles going. Love the host Tina Muir (and her accent!) She’s also a blogger/elite marathoner/go getter. Love it. Check her blog out too whenever you get a moment.

After that it was just a lot of rest, I had some down time so I went to Saturday night church, and then had a date at the Gipsy Lime Taco Lounge. Perfect way to end the evening, right? I thought so. Cool place with some cozy couches, tv screens to watch the games and good food so I can’t complain.


Sunday I got in some quick easy miles in the morning…after I slept in of course. It was nice and hot out by about 9 am but it felt still felt good to be out and about and keeping the legs moving.


Then a little visit to the State Fair of Texas! Of course I had to get some cotton candy. We walked around a bit and did a little shopping.


Followed by some more relaxing at the wine garden under these lovely umbrellas. I kind of want to do this on my patio…not sure it would look as awesome as this though.


And now this week will be fairly chill leading up to next Sunday’s race! Bring on the Tyler Rose Marathon…6 days til 26.2 number 15!

How was your weekend? Did anyone check out a fall fair/carnival/festival?

TGIFriday Faves.

Aloha Friday to you! I am without a doubt ready for the weekend…it’s going to be cooling off here in the next few days so as you can imagine I am jumping for joy! Bring on cooler morning runs after a long summer of training in the sweltering heat.

Seriously you guys…check out this forecast. I don’t think I’ve seen those kind of temps in ages down in hot hot Texas. Or at least it feels like it.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 8.45.13 AM

I could not help but to run this morning…it felt absolutely glorious. Nice and easy miles just getting those legs moving before the sun woke up.


Let’s get to my faves from this week!

-All things leopard. Something about fall just says to wear more leopard, am I right? I don’t think I will ever be over this print.


-Teaching my spin classes this week on our awesome new Schwinn bikes. I actually teach at another gym with the Spinner bikes too but for some reason I like these Schwinns better. They ride super smooth.


7 things runners should know about coffee. Who knew? No wonder I like that stuff so much.

5 tips for easing the transition into fall running. I can dig it.

20 healthy game day recipes. Love all of these options. Plus you know anything with avocado involved and I am game.

Skinny pumpkin spice mug cake? Oh my. Must try.

-Things only distance runners understand. Yes. TRUE STORY.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 8.52.16 AM

What are you up to this weekend? What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods today?

Currently and Hello October.

Happy October to you! I don’t know about you but there is definitely a change in the air. My 7 mile run was absolutely wonderful with a nice breeze. I almost did not want to stop but you know…I have this thing called a job and someone’s gotta do it.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.49.22 AM


Here are some things that I’m currently seeing, hoping…dreaming about. Loving this list from this gal’s blog so I thought I’d do my own.


Reading: D Magazine. They are definitely keeping me up to date on all things happening in my ‘hood. Plus, hello…the 25 things you must do in Dallas this October. I’m on it.

Deciding: To get in more patio time this fall. Preferably if this place is involved.


Seeing: My girlfriends more often. They make the world go ‘round.


Wishing: For pretty glittery pumpkins on my doorstep. Because everything is better with glitter. Or bedazzled.


Hoping: For some more trail running time very soon. Love getting off the beaten path.


Making: These oatmeal pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Organic rolled oats, banana, pumpkin, semi sweet chocolate chips. I kind of threw it together but it worked out really well.


Feeling: Like it’s time to bust out the wine colored nail polish. Just because.


Dreaming: Of apple cider sangria. Or apple cider in the crockpot. Both need to happen soon.


Wondering: When the high is going to be below 90 degrees down in TX. I’m thinking it may happen this weekend. Hallelujah.

Snacking: On roasted pumpkin seeds. Love it love it. They are super addictive.

Embarrassing: myself all the time while teaching classes at the gym. I’m kind of used to it though…haha…hashtag no shame.

Remembering: My very first marathon…Chicago on 10.10.10. Miss that city…and the Garrett’s popcorn.


Flipping: Over this southwestern spaghetti squash. I need it in my life.

Chasing: The morning sun. Always always.


Throwing: Some sort of wine and cheese party…very soon. Maybe for the holidaze.

Struggling: With being in the present. Always a work in progress for me.

Vowing: To get better at saying ‘NO’.

Eating: All of the fall things…anything with the words pumpkin or butternut squash in it. All day every day. Oh, and grape tomatoes. These are freaking fantastic.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.43.34 AM

Trying: Something new every time I go to a sushi joint. Loved the serrano yellowtail from this place.

Loving: My first fall leaf I saw on my run the other day.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.44.48 AM

Wanting: To see Las Vegas and then Hawaii. Oh so soon. Bring on November & December vacation time.

What are you currently making/wanting/snacking on?

Weds Spin Playlist.

Well hello there! I’ve got a rockin’ spin playlist for you today! Of course I got my morning miles in this a.m. Hashtag sunny side up.


Let’s cut straight to the chase with this week’s tracks! I’ll be teaching a class tonight and am looking forward to dancing on the bike.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.03.32 AM

Goin’ In- J. Lo / Flo Rida: Warm up
Blurred Lines (Justin Sane Bootleg Mix)- Robin Thicke feat T.I. & Pharrell: Climb 5/6/7
Time Of Our Lives- Pitbull & Neyo: Standing run/Tapbacks
Cream- Tujamo & Danny Avila: Sprints
Green Light- John Legend: Active recovery
Wipe Me Down- Trill Fam: Rolling hills
We Own the Night- Wolfgang Gartner & Tiesto: Jumps
DJ Turn it Up- Yellow Claw: Accelerations
Zero- Chris Brown: Seated/Standing run
No Flex Zone- Rae Sremmurd: Climb 7/8/9
Levels- Nick Jonas: 8/9/10
All Hands On Deck- Tinashe: Jumps on a hill
TTU (Too Turnt Up)- Flosstradamus: Sprints
Rock the Boat- Aaliyah: Cool down

What new tracks or throwbacks are on your workout playlist this week?

Tell me something random about your hump day!
I had a bourbon vanilla cherry smoothie this morning (haha…not actual bourbon…that’s the name of the vanilla protein that I put in my smoothie) It was awesome.

Confession Session, National Coffee Day and Multigrain Pumpkin Pancakes.

Hey there! I got in a nice 10K Tuesday RUNch this afternoon. There were lots of folks out enjoying the gorgeous day.


Afterwards of course I had to grab a dark roast from Zenzero. Love this local coffee shop! I am all about supporting small businesses especially when java is involved. And today is National Coffee Day which makes it even better.


I figured today was a good a day as any to do a quick confession session…it has been a while! You can check out there other sessions here and here.

I confess…

I ate some raw coffee beans as a snack on Friday. Um, has anyone ever done this? I was just curious but I kind of liked them. They were bitter but had a nice crunch. Plus hello, direct caffeine injection.


Today I slept in just a bit. It was oh so necessary. My legs and body are slowly bouncing back from this race. Those crazy hills got me.

I’ve already signed up for the Cowtown 50k in February 2016…it will be my 2nd ultra marathon…super stoked. Bring on the 31 miles.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 3.13.33 PM

I buy GT’s kombucha sometimes solely for the little words of enlightenment on the back. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good quote.


Rosemary truffle popcorn is kind of the best invention ever created. Thank you, Sunflower Shoppe.


Heather Dubrow is probably my favorite OC housewife of all time. Yes, all things Bravo = my guilty pleasure…most of you already know.

Switching gears a bit I’ve got a tasty pumpkin recipe (as well as others I’ll be sharing later) just for your tastebuds! These multigrain pumpkin pancakes are great for a post run breakfast treat.

Here’s what you’ll need:

-1 1/2 cups multigrain pancake mix (I purchased mine from Sprouts in the bulk section)

-1 egg white

-1 cup of unsweetened coconut almond milk

-1/2 cup of pumpkin puree. This one (again from Sprouts) Is awesome.


Mix and flip on the skillet. Top with a few chocolate chips, favorite syrup and serve! Instant happiness.


What do you have to confess today? Have you made anything with pumpkin yet?

The Color Half Marathon and Wknd Recap.

Hey y’all! Yes I said ya’ll…in true Texan fashion. Hope you are having a great Monday!


This past weekend I ran The Color Half Marathon out in Cedar Hill, TX! It was a tough day of hill / mountain climbing in the heat but…we made it!

Let’s recap the race as well as the weekend a little bit.

Saturday morning I ventured out for a nice and easy 7 miler in my hood. It was a gorgeous sunrise and some quiet / reflection time. I just love starting my weekend that way.


Followed by a trip to visit my friends over at Vitality Bowls…they made me an acai concoction with strawberries, bananas, organic granola and coconut milk.


That afternoon I got to see my long lost friend Aditi who actually lives in VA/DC area now but was in town for SMUs homecoming festivities! They really go all out on the tailgating. We had a good time catching up…I’ve known her (center) and the other girl Julie for over 13 years and counting.


Sunday morning I made the 30 mile trek out to Cedar Hill State Park for the race. Luckily it was an 8 am start so that gave me plenty of time to find the location and get my parking situated. What I loved about this race is that they were super prepared and even had a shuttle to take us to the start/finish line. The race was fairly small too and also had a 5k portion. Lots of folks brought their families and kiddos and since it was in a park decked out in their lawn chairs to do some spectating.


Going into this race I knew it may be hilly since it said so on the website but truly did not look at the elevation or anything. The race takes you through the park and around Joe Pool Lake which was quite beautiful to look at.

We continued going up and down a bunch of rolling hills and then some serious climbs that really took the wind out of a lot of people. Basically there was no spot in the race that was flat which was tiring but the sadistic side of me actually enjoyed it. (!) I just kept telling myself ‘what goes up must come down’…swallowed my pride and kept pushing. Having the color stations was fun too, although most of us chose not to run through them (okay…I will admit, I ran through ONE just for fun) so we could focus more on running. It was cool though and the volunteers were incredible. They kept us perfectly hydrated and even put ice in our water and electrolyte drinks.

My Garmin died halfway through the race as well so I tried to ignore all of that and just run by feel. Which honestly…I need to do more often. Its amazing how much better you run when you do that…and just kind of get out of your head. Your mind is so good at telling you to stop or to slow down…I am working on ignoring it when I need to push harder in a race.

Anyway, towards the end a couple of us on the course were talking and hoping that it would at least start to go downhill so we could all finish faster. Yeah…no dice. There was a nice big juicy hill right at the end which was a little discouraging but I just kept telling myself that this was great prep for the also hilly Tyler Rose Marathon which I’ll be running in 2 weeks.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 1.25.09 PM

2:01 finish…which for me, in the heat (high of 90) coupled with nonstop hills was a good run…and faster than my last half a few short weeks ago. Plus…small race so you know, the age group win was not so bad either.

2nd place in my age group on a tough, challenging, state park course. Oh yeah, I will take it!


I have a couple more half marys to tackle in the next few months as well as 2 full marathons – Tyler Rose in October then RnR Vegas in November. Gotta keep these legs nice and strong!

Oh & post run hammock/girl talk time…much needed.


How was your weekend? Did anyone tackle a tough race or a hilly long run?

TGIFriday Faves.

Happy Friday to ya! Hope you are over there doing the happy dance with me and your girl Cookie. Bring on the weekend.

And those of you that watch Empire, please do not tell me anything about the first episode of Season 2 because I have not seen it yet! Thank you. I’m going to catch up with all of my shows this weekend. Yep, that is the kind of work week it has been.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

This girl’s Run to the Top podcast. I tell you what having something fun and running related to listen to has gotten me through a lot of miles lately. Check it out.

11 daily habits that will make you mentally and physically stronger. I can dig it.

-My perfect pumpkin Skull Soap lotion. It’s like putting a slice of heaven on your skin. And I love that this vendor is local. Love supporting local businesses.


-Stuffed peppers making a comeback for dinner time. Oh yes, I missed you.


7 things to do this fall. I definitely need to work on making my place autumn ready. These pillows from Kirkland’s make me happy.




-Pumpkin cider from Sonoma County. Found it at the Sunflower Shoppe. I love that it’s not too sweet and it has just a hint of my favorite flavor. Good stuff.


-Finally…this. Because it’s oh so true.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 8.46.49 AM

That’s all for this week! Catch you on the flip side.

How was your week? What were some of your favorite things?

7 Things No One Tells You About Running.

Hello there! I was up early to get in my 7 miles before 7 am this morning. It felt good to be up and out the door before most of the neighborhood was up. Gotta love the peace and quiet of the roads and that first glimmer of sunlight.


I was thinking about a few things that I’ve come to know and love about this wonderful sport of running…certain secrets, if you will that I now know from my years of marathon training and racing.

1. Running is kind of like a loyal companion that’s always around when you need it. My mom always jokes with me and says that running is my date/husband/lover…haha, well me & Mr. Running are pretty serious! Just saying. But seriously…whether you’re going through a breakup or just a time in your life when you need to step back from some things…I have found that running is a powerful way to heal and get through so many emotions.


2. Rest and recovery is just as important as putting in work. Sure, speedwork and tempo runs are great and certainly a confidence booster but learn to balance that out with quality rest. Any mad man can run themselves into the ground. Also it’s important to run easy when needed and not always be so watch/Garmin/data happy. As you get more into the sport you will learn that running by feel is just as important.

3. It’s not a cheap sport. I mean, come on. Race fees, runner swag, all of the ‘necessary gear’…it sure does add up, especially if you travel for races. But I have to tell you, it is absolutely worth it. Since I’ve started running I don’t think I’ve traveled so much, branched out of my comfort zone so often, and met so many fantastic folks.



4. It will make you tardy for the party sometimes. Yep…I’ve had many days where I’ve done my long runs in the mornings only to be a little late for work (shhh) or for events with friends…haha yeah, gotta do better at that. What can I say, me and my lover (!) like to spend a lot of time together and sometimes we get caught up.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 8.46.42 AM

5. That dedication and commitment to the sport will transfer to other things you do in your life. To me there are just so many parallels to racing and life situations it’s not even funny. Just know if you can get through 26.2 miles you can pretty much get through any tough life event. For sure.

6. I’ve probably said it already, but you will know the ins and outs of how your body works better than ever before. And you will definitely have more appreciation for your body and its strength.

7. It really will change your life, if you let it.


What are some things/secrets that you have discovered about running over the years?

Weds Spin Playlist.

Happy first day of fall to you! I’ve got some groovy tunes to kick off this marvelous season. Check out this week’s spin cycle playlist!


Let’s go for a ride!


Yonce (Electric Bodega Mix)- Beyonce: Warm up
Bang Bang- Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj: Jumps
SummerThing!- Afrojack feat Mike Taylor: Rolling hills
Bands a Make Her Dance (Bmore Club Remix)- Juicy J: Acclerations
Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)- Silento: Standing run
Cheyenne- Jason Derulo: Climb 5/6/7
Fun- Pitbull feat Chris Brown: Climb 6/7/8
Holy Grail- Jay-Z feat Justin Timberlake: Jumps on a hill
Body Operator- DJ Spin King: Sprints 30 x 4
Back to Back- Drake: Tapbacks
Crush- Beat King: Rolling hills
Split (Only U)- Tiesto & The Chainsmokers: Climb 7/8/9/10
I Bet (Remix)- Ciara feat T.I.: Seated/Standing run
Delirious- Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Kid Ink: Sprints
Bad Habits- Maxwell: Cool down

What songs are rocking your workouts this week?

Are you doing anything special today to ring in the first day of fall?

Bring on 26.2 and a Fall Bucket List.

7 miles all smiles this morning! My legs are feeling surprisingly good and spunky even after Saturday’s 23 mile run. I am seriously ready to rock some fall races here in the next couple of months. Like a caged animal. Bring on 26.2.


Yep yep…that coffee statement is absolutely true.

I thought since the best time of year is fast approaching…and the first day of FALL is tomorrow (woot woot!) I would jot down some things I’m looking forward to this fall season. In no particular order.

-Autumn at the Dallas Arboretum. Definitely bringing my camera to this one. Orange pumpkins everywhere.



-The State Fair of Texas. If you have been reading for a while you know this is a staple for me every year. I look forward to the midway games, wine garden, vendors and the car show. I just love it all.


-Making some fall treats. I have my eye on this autumn sangria and the bloomin’ baked apples. Freaking delicious.

-Running a Halloween half marathon. Which I am already signed up for. Gotta find a costume, like yesterday!

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.28.15 AM

-Social run fun with friends. This is something I don’t get to do too often since I’ve been rocking some higher mileage so I’m looking forward to scaling the miles back and just doing some running for fun. Preferably with my flapper costume on. & with some fun beverages after.


-Go tailgating! Now that is something that I have not done in a long time. I am not a huge Cowboys fan either but I do like going to the games.

-Carving some pumpkins. Just for the seeds so I can roast them and gobble them up.


-Go on a fall picnic. Texas weather in the fall and part of winter is pretty perfect for that too.

-Get a ton of cozy scarves. No I am totally not over scarves yet. They will always be my favorite.

What’s on your fall bucket list this season?