8 Miles and Trader Joe’s Tuesday.

8 miles this morning enjoying a lovely view. Temps were in the 40s but the sun was shining so it felt warmer…gotta love Texas in the late fall! It’s definitely my favorite time of year to run.


So…it’s Trader Joe’s Tuesday around here! I think it should be an observed holiday. Anyway….here are a few things I’m loving from TJ’s this week.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.43.46 AM

Shaved brussels sprouts. I am obsessed with this veggie lately…I could actually just eat these raw. I love them all cut up like that…they are perfect in salads or roasted in the oven. Last night I made a brussels sprouts salad and put some avocado in there…whoa. Game changer.


Cilantro and chive yogurt dip. This stuff is heaven on just about everything. Great in salads and even a healthier dip with tortilla chips.


Cage free organic eggs. I try to buy the cage free ones as much as I can just because to me they taste better. Especially with TJ’s seasoning salute sprinkled on top. Yum.


Chicken sausage. I love throwing these in pasta dishes or spaghetti squash dishes. It gives everything great flavor and is a nice protein punch.


Chopped up sweet potatoes. Those of you that are peeling sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving…it may be too late to tell you this but save yourself some prep time! I can’t wait to mix these with eggs and make a little scramble.


Have you discovered any new foods from Trader Joe’s lately?

Do you have a special dish you like to make for Thanksgiving?

Pumpkin Spice 15k and Wknd Recap.

Hi there and happy Monday! I don’t know about you but coffee is really hitting the spot this morning. I taught spin and did some strength training like I do every Monday. Hashtag 5 am club.


I am really loving this track for spin…we did a nice big hill climb and some sprint intervals with this one. Good stuff.

Let’s back track to the weekend! Saturday I ran the inaugural Pumpkin Spice 15k out in Ft. Worth. Some of my homegirls joined in and ran the 10k as well.


Since I just ran a marathon a week ago I had no real expectations for this race. I wanted to settle into a good pace and see how far I could push it from there. I do love the 15k distance though because it’s just long enough but you can still work on your speed.

We took off and took a few turns through a really nice neighborhood that had a few hills. The downhills felt absolutely awesome and my legs were feeling surprisingly good. We hit the Trinity Trail and then the race finishes with the 5k and 10k group. Which was a little frustrating because it was a crap TON of walkers blocking the sidewalk. It made it hard to finish at a strong pace too dodging all of the folks walking but I did my best to yell “15k runners on your left”! And kept it pushing. I was fairly satisfied with how I did considering all of that.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.35.18 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.34.16 AM

I won 3rd place in my age group – not half bad for a no expectations, running for fun kind of race. I got a pie cutter…haha I guess I’ll have to make a pie now so I can use it.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.36.32 AM

We got some more sweet swag too…a medal and a mug that changes colors when you put hot stuff in it.


After that it was a whole lot of relaxing with fuzzy slippers on a coffee mug in hand. There may or may not have been a little red wine in that mug. No shame.


Sunday morning was more coffee, church and 11 miles just for fun. Actually I need to ramp my miles back up soon because I signed up for a few races including my 2nd 50k I will run in February.


My new addiction is this acai bowl with strawberries and bananas. I seriously crave it after every workout. It must have magical powers or something.


Then I met up with my homegirl Angela who just got a job promotion and will be leaving Dallas. This girl…we have had so many fun moments, laughs and glasses of wine over the years.

2015-11-23 09.24.44

Bittersweet but sushi always makes it all better.


How was your weekend? Have you ever run a 15k?

What’s your favorite race distance?
Most of you already know my answer to this question…of course it’s the marathon.

TGIFriday Faves.

Who’s excited for Friday?! Well I definitely am. This was a short work week for me but it definitely felt way longer for some reason. I had a ton of work waiting for me when I got back from vacation but thankfully most of it is done. Hallelujah.

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

5 events you should skip so you can go running instead. Hahaha and I have been guilty of number 4.

-My Rock n Roll Las Vegas marathon shirt. I’ve worn it this week to teach spin class…I can’t get enough dri fit race tops.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 9.10.33 AM

5 podcasts for runners. There are a few on here I did not know about either so I’ll have to check them out.

18 weird things runners are not embarrassed about. 1, 5 and 10.

-Denim dresses and brown boots. Love this combo. I just bought a denim dress too so can’t wait to pair it with the perfect scarf.


via pinterest

-Apple cider margaritas. I definitely see this happening next week for Thanksgiving.


from How Sweet Eats

What are you up to this weekend? Are you making a special dish (or drink) next week for the Thanksgiving holiday?

Who is running a Turkey Trot race?
I have a 15k this weekend but on Turkey Day I will be long running it…exploring all the pretty leaves in my ‘hood.

Post Marathon Miles and Gratitude Thursday.

Hello there! Happy Friday eve. It’s my favorite part of the work week. This morning I did 6 miles post marathon to celebrate. It was a good time.


Not gonna lie my legs were pretty stiff at the beginning of this week but have loosened up tremendously with the help of teaching a couple of spin classes. I blame it on the marathon and then all of that Vegas walking. Any day I can go down the stairs the right way after a marathon though is a good day.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.07.10 AM

Also, me and my foam roller have had a very special relationship this week.

So since we are a week out from Thanksgiving (Also, where the heck has November gone!?) I thought I would list a few things I am thankful for on this lovely Thursday. Actually I prefer the word gratitude. It’s definitely something I’ve had a lot of this year as I reflect back on 2015.


I have gratitude for…

My strong running legs. I’ve have been a marathon running machine this year and am happy to see improvement with my times also. Last year I was pushing the 5 hour mark and I’m well below that now. I see another sub 4 run in my near future.

Awesome girlfriends. The kind of friends where you don’t see each other for months and then you get back together and pick up right where you left off. Those kinds of friends are simply priceless.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.14.36 AM

The opportunity to travel and take vacations at a moments notice. Up next…Hawaii in December, San Diego, Houston and perhaps Miami. Next year I hope to do some more traveling overseas.

My spin instructor gig. I love teaching fitness classes and inspiring people though teaching. I think it’s important to show people that you can have FUN and work hard and do what you love. Plus it’s kind of like being a DJ. I’m always and forever looking for good music.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.16.31 AM

Coffee. Especially piping hot after a hard run on a chilly day. That really is the best.

Fleece lined leggings. Nuff said.


What do you have gratitude for today?

Weds Spin Playlist.

I made my return to the spin cycle room last night post marathon! It felt so good to get the legs going again. I’m feeling good and strong and ready to take on this weekend’s 15k! But first…I have a few spin classes to teach.


Here’s this week’s spin cycle playlist! I’ve got some new songs to keep things rockin’. Enjoy!

WTF (Where They From)- Missy Elliot feat Pharrell Williams: Warm up
Lean On- Major Lazer & DJ Snake: Jumps
We Found Love- Rihanna feat Calvin Harris: Rolling hills
FREE.K- Pitbull: Accelerations
Want to Want Me- Jason Derulo: Seated/standing run
Break the Rules- Charli XCX: Climb 5/6/7
Can’t Remember to Forget You- Shakira: Rolling hills
Cream- Tujamo & Danny Avila: Climb 6/7/8
Wild Things- Alessia Cara: Jumps/Tapbacks
Bun Up the Dance- Dillon Francis: Sprints
Back Up- Dej Loaf, Big Sean: Active recovery
Electric Feel (Justice Remix)- MGMT: Climb 7/8/9
Can’t Feel My Face (Martin Garrix Remix)- The Weeknd: Sprints
Jumpman- Drake & Future: Rolling hills
Body Party (Figgy Remix)- Ciara: Cool down

What’s on your workout playlist this week?

RnR Las Vegas Vacation Recap.

Hi there! I took a much needed vacation and few days off from blogging but I am back from my Las Vegas 26.2! Hope you all didn’t miss me too much. I sure did miss you!


Let’s recap the last few days and talk about the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon!

I arrived to Vegas on Wednesday morning with some of my girlfriends who also came in from the east coast. There is nothing more fun than exploring the city with your old college buds!


We stayed at the MGM…super close to everything on the strip.


It was a good time eating some good eats, doing some shopping, and gambling (yeah, not so much. I think I played the slot machines once.)

We also worked out at the hotel gym. I squeezed in a quick 5k for good measure. I love the treadmills that have TVs on them.


As well as some wine and window shopping at Christian Louboutin. Those red bottoms get me every time.


Most of the week went by fast but we were able to squeeze in lots of fun. Including the Michael Jackson Cirque de Soleil show. The dancing, acrobatics and music were incredible.



Sunday came around quickly! My friend Malaika was also in town and she ran the half. I stayed with her a couple of days after my friends had left and she had her own car. She took me to her favorite brunch place outside the strip. Hash House a Go Go.


We went back to the hotel and rested a bit then got ready for the night race.


The weather was super chilly for Vegas! I was not expecting it to be so chilly but it was in the 40s with 30 mph wind gusts and RAIN. We lined up to the start ready to go.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.29.48 AM


Going into this race my legs were feeling pretty tired although we took the monorail a lot while we were there. Still, Vegas is a ton of walking but my step count game I have to tell you was ON POINT. Haha. Also, I am absolutely NOT a night runner. I have morning run mojo in my veins. But I sucked it up and got it done.

The first half of the run was primarily along the strip and through part of old Las Vegas. Then it splits off and the full marathoners pretty much run through all the outskirts of the city. It was VERY dark in some parts but the street lights and flashing club lights they had on the course really helped. There was also a ton of water stations and volunteers were passing out Gu. So they kept us really hydrated which I was very happy about.

Overall I was happy with my performance for this race and especially since I ran a very hilly and challenging full marathon just last month. And I’ve run a total of 5 full marathons in 2015…the most I’ve ever run in a calendar year. So I’ll take it.

26.2 number 16 is done.


I had to buy myself a Tory Burch bag to celebrate. Now that’s my favorite kind of post run treat.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.28.51 AM

How was your weekend? Did you do a fall marathon this year?

Do you have any races coming up?
Pumpkin Spice 15k this upcoming weekend! Bring it on.

Reason to Celebrate and 10 Tips for an Awesome Race Weekend.

Early miles this morning before I head off to Vegas tomorrow! And today is my Friday at work so that is definitely a reason to celebrate.


I thought I’d give you a few rituals/things I love to do leading up to having an incredible marathon/race weekend! This will come in handy for those of you traveling to run marathons this fall and winter.

1. 2 days before the race- have a nice carb friendly meal. You’ll want to eat a little lighter the day before so this is the day to you have your pizza/pasta/rice/etc. My favorite pre race meal is probably quinoa/gluten free pasta with laughing cow cheese & smoked tuna. Hey…sounds odd but I like what I like.

2. Be prepared. Mentally and physically make sure you have all of your bases covered especially if you are traveling for the marathon. Check into your flight early, make sure you have transportation or parking arranged for the airport, start packing and prepping days in advance. All of these things help relieve anxiety and last minute forgetfulness. Here’s a great race day checklist you may want to keep handy as well.

3. If the race is large enough they will have a health and fitness expo. Make sure you hit up that bad boy EARLY…same day you arrive if possible. Early is the name of the game. Everyone and their grandma will want to go at the last minute so you’ll want to avoid the crowds and get in and out of there. Or if you’re like me have access to more of the runner swag before everyone snatches it up. Love me some expo shopping.

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 8.38.36 AM

4. Go for a short little shake out run the day prior. Now, everyone is different with this one. But for me this helps my legs feel spunky for the race.

5. Put your compression socks on and straight kick it the rest of the day. For me mentally this helps me just get centered and in the game.


6. Eat a little lighter the night before the race. I recommend chicken with rice or a sandwich. Nothing too ethnic or heavy so you can wake up good to go. (This will be interesting for me as the Vegas race is in the late afternoon so I’ll be making that adjustment)

7. Lay out your race clothes, put the chip timer on your shoe and of course take a photo. Yes, it helps to have your name on your shirt. You’ll want all of those spectators cheering you on!

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.30.26 AM

8. Race morning! Get up early, head to the start line…and again…take some photos! It will help you to cherish the moment and capture those memories.

9. Run an AWESOME race. You have trained hard for this and relish in your accomplishment.

10. Make sure you don’t look at your watch at the finish line!! Smile at the camera like the rockstar that you are.

Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 10.08.55 AM

What are some race rituals/things you like to do leading up to having an awesome marathon experience?

12 Miles, Vegas, Brew Junkie and Wknd Recap.

Hi there! It’s definitely a good Monday for some coffee. I taught my 5:30 am cycle class and picked up some heavy weights. I’d say a cup of java is well deserved.

I’m also dancing in the office this morning because I’m off to VEGAS the day after tomorrow. Woot woot…holla at your girl.


I have some friends coming in from the east coast and we have a couple of days of maxin’ and relaxin’ leading up to Sunday’s Rock n Roll full marathon. Love me some girl time.

But let’s talk a little bit about this past weekend! Saturday I was up for a nice taper run…again in the rain but by the end skies were clear and sunny. That’s Texas weather for ya.


I was in love with this fall tree…all the pretty colors.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 7.48.27 AM

Post run yummies…an acai bowl with strawberries and bananas filled to the brim.


Then brunch and boutique shopping with my girl Natalie. Picking out Christmas ornaments.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 7.49.23 AM

This one was my favorite.

2015-11-09 07.53.11

Sunday I taught a spin class and did a shake out run in the morning. Since I’ll be missing out on teaching later this week I thought I’d take one for the team and help out a fellow instructor at the Southlake gym.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 7.44.03 AM

I was not far from downtown Roanoke and have been meaning to check out a new to me local coffee shop! The Brew Junkie. If you’re local you must check it out. Extra hot almond milk latte for the win.


The shop also had a little store inside with cute accessories, dresses and boots. Which reminds me I need to do some more boot shopping.

Oh and I had a Sunday date night…we went to see the new James Bond movie. I’ve actually never seen ANY of them but this one was pretty good…some of the stunts were crazy. Nothing like a good action packed flick.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 8.00.07 AM

How was your weekend? Have you seen any good movies lately?

TGIFriday Faves.

Hello and good Friday to you! It’s a good day around here when you have a little 7-eleven coffee. Can I get an amen? Hashtag oh thank heaven.


Let’s get to some things I am loving from this week!

-The fact that Vanderpump Rules is back on. This show is definitely the guiltiest of all pleasures. So glad Stassi decided to stay on the show too. She makes for good tv.

Inside the high tech competitive future of fitness. Interesting read and so true.

12 ways to spot a runner on social media. I know I am very guilty of the running watch photo. ANNND the sunrise. All day every day.


-Organic pink crisp apples. And I’m really not a fan of apples at all but I seriously love this fruit. Thank you Sunflower Shoppe.


-Adele’s new song ‘Hello’. I have to say, it’s kinda growing on me…I played it for the cool down when I taught spin class this week.


Yes, yes she does.

-Tory Burch boots for fall…I saw them in the store the other day and got thisclose to buying them. They’re definitely on my list.


What people/places/things are you loving this week?

Friday Eve and 3 Ingredient Protein Cookies.

I finally came across some fall leaves on this morning’s 10k run. Texas is always so behind on the fall foilage! I’ve been Dora the Explorer lately trying to find some pretty fall colors.


Oh yes…and from now on Thursday is no longer Thursday ya’ll…it’s FRIDAY EVE. Let’s make it a thing okay? Okay.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 10.45.25 AM

Today I have a yummy breakfast/snack cookie that has just a few ingredients and packs a little protein punch! My 3 ingredient protein cookies.

Here’s what you’ll need.

-1/2 cup of organic rolled oats, dry
-1 medium ripe banana
-1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (I highly recommend this vegan protein from Everlast-non dairy/no sugar with great taste!)

Mash the banana and then mix in oats and protein powder. Optional: add a drizzle of honey or agave to the mashed banana mix. Roll into balls and flatten onto a nonstick cookie sheet. Bake in the oven on 350 for 15 minutes or until cooked through. I like them a little chewy in the middle so don’t leave ‘em in the oven for too long!

Add chocolate chips or coconut shreds for more fun.

2015-11-05 10.48.53

What are you cooking up in the kitchen this week? Do you have any fun/healthy/clean snack ideas to share?