TGIFriday Faves.

HELLO Friday! It’s a good day to let your hair down and celebrate the end of the work week.

This weekend I’ll be running one of my favorite races of the season – the Vineyard Run! It should be a good time galavanting around Grapevine and then hopefully I’ll get to also squeeze in a nice relaxing long run with friends. OH yeah, and I’m also moving (not far, but to a pretty area with beautiful running trails!) in about 3 weeks so it’s definitely high time to finish up packing! I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

-A fun time last night at Top Golf with Yelp Dallas. Although, I have to admit I’m not at all good at playing this sport! But it was fun to play along anyway and hang out with my buds watching the sun go down. Yes, being an Elite Yelper has its perks.


Good food, golf, friends, and a pretty sunset.

-Not 1 but 2 awesome runs on my birthday with the IRC crew. Yes, we are getting pretty good at nailing the art of the running shoe pic.

2016-04-26 07.56.17

Don’t shy away from hills. YES…they are definitely speedwork in disguise.

-I think I’m back on my iced coffee kick. I have to say…it goes down so good after these hot and humid early runs.


-This running quote. Love love. I could not have said it better myself.


Have a great weekend!

What are you up to this weekend? When is your birthday? Do you have any vacations planned this summer and/or fall?
So far, San Diego in June and D.C. In October. Gotta love race-cations.

Friday Eve Miles and Tomato Basil Cauliflower Pizza.

8 miles before 8 AM today with my early bird running crew. Check out those temps! Highs in the 80s. Thankfully there has been plenty of cloud cover lately. I love my early runs because they usually end in a gorgeous sunrise and also some freaking delicious iced coffee. Oh happy day.


So I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen a lot lately and one thing I’ve always wanted to play around with is pizza with a cauliflower crust. The last time I made this dish it was somewhat of a FAIL but I think I’ve finally got it down now! So I figured I would share with you. I love it because it’s a nice low carb option, it’s filling and tastes tremendous! No it’s not EXACTLY like the bread kind but I tell ya, I did not miss the bread much at all.

Here’s what you will need:

-Chopped cauliflower (you can use a food processor or purchase it already pre chopped and fresh in a bag) saves a ton of prep time! I found this kind from the jolly Green Giant

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 10.30.38 AM
-2 egg whites
-1 handful of fresh basil
-1 medium tomato, sliced
-1 cup of part skim shredded mozzarella cheese
-Tomato sauce or crushed tomatoes
-Parmesan/garlic/salt/pepper, to taste
-Other pizza toppings (load it up, however you like!)

-Preheat your oven to 425. Steam your cauliflower until cooked through. THIS PART IS IMPORTANT—Take a cloth or towel and squeeze out as much water/moisture from the cauliflower as possible. This will give you a crispier, more bread like crust. Once the cauliflower is dried, cool in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.

-Take the egg whites, cheese, garlic/salt/pepper and mix with the cauliflower. At this point if you have gotten out all of the moisture it will form a ball, sort of like a dough. Place the ‘dough’ on a pizza pan or sheet that is lined with parchment paper. Shape & flatten the dough into a pizza pie circle.

-Cook the crust in the oven for 20 minutes until browned.

-Take out the crust, remove the parchment paper and carefully put it back on your pizza sheet. Top the pizza with tomato sauce, cheese and desired toppings. Continue to cook in the oven for 10 more minutes until the toppings are all melted.

Enjoy! I can’t wait to make this one again.


What’s for dinner tonight?

Weds Spin Playlist.

Well hey there! It’s Wednesday and you know what that means…time to get our spin cycle on! I’ve got a great playlist today with some oldies and newbies thrown on there.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.10.36 AM

I also want to add thank you so much for the birthday wishes! My birthday was super fantastic and yesterday was spent doing all of my favorite things with friends!! We had a typical Texas storm blow through last night too but this morning it was all calm and peaceful. Perfect morning to be outdoors enjoying the nice cool breeze.


Without further ado let’s go for a ride! Can’t wait to party on the bike with my awesome crew.


Boys & Girls- feat Pia Mia: Warm up
Dirty Mind- Flo Rida: Jumps
Boomerang- DJ Felli Fel: Climb 5/6/7
Bubblegum- Jason Derulo: Accelerations
Jumpman- Drake & Future: Jumps/Tapbacks
When Doves Cry- Prince: Seated/standing run
Something New- Zendaya: Climb 6/7/8
Booty Work- T-Pain: Rolling hills
FREE.K- Pitbull: Sprints
California- Colonel Loud, T.I.: Active recovery
Habits (Chainsmokers Remix) Tove Lo: Standing sprints
The K-Wang- Khia: Climb 7/8/9/10
Warrior- Tiber: Reverse climb
Yonce (Electric Bodega Mix)- Beyonce: Sprints 30 x 4
Ascension- Maxwell: Cool down

What’s on your workout playlist this week?

Birthday RUNrise and Just Checking In.

Just checking in with you today via my cell phone! I am off work today on my birthday (woot woot) & using this day to relax, pamper myself & get some glorious miles in! 8 mile runrise this morning & then I’ll be running around the lake at lunch with friends. I hope to end the day with an ice cold margarita!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!

Tell me something happy about your day today??

Running, good friends, & a pretty sky before the rain!2016-04-26 07.50.32

Running, Painting with a Twist and Wknd Recap.

Holla and hello! Happy Monday to ya. It’s a beautiful day here and I’m getting the day started after pumping some iron and teaching spin cycle this morning. We did a ton of speedwork and some nice hill climbs at the end. All is well in the world.

So this past weekend was my birthday weekend! Which meant non stop action, a little wine tasting, lots of running and girl time. I had a friend come in from out of town that I have not seen in a while, I went to a painting party and spent some time at the lake on Sunday. Let’s break it down with a little recap!

Saturday morning I had a long run with my running group. We always meet up at the coffee shop for some sunrise miles, bust it out and then hang out on the patio after.


Texas had some ridiculously beautiful weather over the weekend so it was a good day for it.

2016-04-23 10.40.48

17 miles all smiles. As a few of you may know I am getting ready to run my very first 50 miler in 2 weeks (I am so nervous/excited/feeling all of the feelings) so this was a nice little taper run for me. I am loving these longer runs lately though. They are really good for my sanity and having runner friends out on the roads with me just makes the miles fly by.


And everyone knows when you run with friends you take a ‘SHOE’fie. Check out all of those loud colors.


I refueled post run with a strawberry/banana/blueberry acai bowl with vanilla protein and organic granola. Yum. Vitality Bowls is my BFF.


Saturday night vibes…flip flops by the fireside. Love love.

2016-04-25 09.07.24

The next morning, since I did Saturday church, I decided to run with a couple of my homegirls to catch up on girl talk. We ventured out to White Rock Lake to explore. Running on tired legs but somehow I still had a bit left in the tank.


Then, we had coffee, some green juice and avocado toast. This place makes the best almond milk mocha.

The evening consisted of a runner paint party! Some of the members met up at Painting with a Twist to test out some of our Picasso skills. Yes, the birthday glass was so necessary. We had such a BIG group they shut down the entire studio for us.


Masterpiece done. I like how we all added our own spins to each picture. Of course I had to rep 26.2 and put the date of my very first marathon on there. Which was 10/10/10 – the Chicago Marathon.


The night ended with dinner in Uptown at Nick and Sam’s Steakhouse. Birthday dessert complete with SPARKLERS and champs for the win.



And of course I had to take a birthday weekend selfie. CHEERS to 32.

2016-04-23 19.40.38

How was your weekend? Looking fwd to anything this week?

What are your favorite running shoes?
My pink Newtons, hands down.

TGIFriday Faves.

Hey there and happy Friday to you! I am just sitting here plugging away with my coffee and some music to crank out the day. And of course I had to throw in a Prince GIF for good measure. May he rest in peace. I’m sure he is still dancing and rocking out in heaven.

So this weekend is kind of my BIRTHDAY weekend! My actual birthday is coming up on Tuesday…so I will celebrate this weekend while we have some good weather!! I am ready to enjoy some glorious pretty days before rain comes back. Hello sunshine.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 8.43.05 AM

Let’s get to this week’s faves!

Thoughts every runner has on a long run. Yes, I’ve experienced every single one of those thoughts.

-A little Wine Wednesday fun complete with a fabulous chartcuterie board. Fabulousness.

2016-04-21 10.37.00

-Some new beauty swag from Sephora. Nothing is better than free birthday treats, right? Right.


Irving Running Club faux tattoos. Yes, they are basically the coolest thing ever. You know you want one.


-The Real Housewives of Dallas! Yep, finally a reality show in my neck of the woods. These women are kind of a hot mess but it’s like a trainwreck. Can’t stop watching. Plus I kind of like to pause a bunch of times while watching to guess where they are in my ‘hood.

That’s all for now! Be good or be good at it.

What are you up to this weekend?
Long running it, paint and sip party, brunchin’ it out.

8 Miles and a Spring Running Wish List.

I ran 8 miles before 8 a.m. today, enjoying some pretty skies and lovely breeze. I am definitely so happy to see the sunshine again after a few days of storms and rain! Gotta love Texas in the springtime.


Speaking of spring time I have a few items on my running wish list for the season to share with you! I am all about the bright colors right now, flashy running shoes and fun patterns. Let’s get to it!

Nike Equilibrium Tempo Shorts– I basically live in these all season long. They are so freaking comfortable and are great for short runs, races or even long training runs. I am loving all of the patterns that Nike has come out with lately.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 9.41.22 AM

FlipBelt– I’ve had this one on my list for quite some time now. I have a SpiBelt but I think the FlipBelt might be good for holding my massive phone, keys and other knick knacks more securely around my waist. Definitely going to invest in this one very soon.


Garmin rose gold running/hiking watch– I mean seriously, talk about stylish. Super high tech and I’m digging the color.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 9.43.26 AM

LED glow shoe clip– For those SUPER early, dark morning runs…or random night runs. I am digging it and love the safety factor.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 9.49.27 AM

What’s on your running wish list for spring?

Confessions of a Cycle Instructor, Part 3 and Weds Spin Playlist.

Hey there and happy hump day! I’ve got a rockin’ playlist for your workouts that you will love! Also, today is a good day for a little confessing, am I right? Because fitness instructors are humans too.


You can check out parts 1 and 2 here!

I confess…

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.16.31 AM

-That I change into my workout clothes in the car before teaching class. Yes…my car sometimes is my dressing room. I promise there’s no indecent exposure involved. For the most part.

-I love me a good 90s r&b/hip hop track. Sometimes I will randomly throw some Montell Jordan or Bell Biv Devoe on the playlist, just for fun.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 8.30.15 AM

Oh yeah…that goes for love, running, AND cycling. Just saying.

-Often I run and teach spin class on the same day. Actually, right after a marathon…spin is one of my favorite types of active recovery. Take 1 or 2 spin classes (and go easy) after running a marathon and I guarantee you your legs will loosen up in no time.

-My favorite drill right now would probably have to be team sprints. I just love that it’s interactive and my classes really get into it and get all competitive. Good stuff and hard work.

-There’s nothing more exhilarating to an instructor than a cycling room/studio packed full of people. I get seriously pumped up if I am leading a class with more than 20 people in it.

-After class, lately I’ve been loving popping into the dry HOT sauna for a ‘cool down’ session. It makes my muscles and body feel extra relaxed and then I am ready for bed.

And now for my spin cycle playlist of the day! If you are local come check me out at any of the following locations.

Let’s go for a ride!

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.08.54 AM

Strive- A$AP Ferg feat Missy Elliot: Warm up
I Love Me- Meghan Trainor & LunchMoney Lewis: Jumps
Take Back the Night- Justin Timberlake: Tapbacks
How it Goes- Gregor Salto & Wiwek: Accelerations
Baby by Me- 50 Cent feat Ne-Yo: Climb 4/5/6
Wipe Me Down- Trill Fam: Rolling hills
Paradise- Benny Benassi & Chris Brown: Jumps on a hill
You and Your Friends- Wiz Khalifa feat Snoop Dogg: Climb 5/6/7/8
Get Up on This- Bobby Rock: Sprints
Gotta Lotta- 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne: Seated/standing run
Another You (Extended Mix)- Armin van Buuren feat Mr. Probz: Ciimb 8/9/10
Feel Good (Oliver Heldens Mix)- Robin Thicke: Reverse climb
Bring it Back- Travis Porter: Team sprints
Crush- Yuna feat Usher: Cool down

What’s your favorite song right now for high intensity workouts?
Tell me something random about your day today (or confess something!)

10k Tuesday and Energy Breakfast Bites.

My legs were feeling good today (after teaching spin/a little active recovery yesterday) so I was up and at ‘em for a 10k this morning by the lake. I had a few buds from IRC come along for the ride. It was crazy humid (90 percent humidity) so I was drenched by the end. It felt good to get out a good sweat though. It’s definitely good for the skin. Kinda sorta like a facial. See, running can be a part of your beauty regimen too. Just saying.


So as promised today I’m giving you the recipe for my rendition of the No Bake Energy Breakfast Bites. Some of you call them balls…but yeah, haha…balls, bites, they are all the same to me! They make a great post workout breakfast treat. I made them for my running group and they gobbled ‘em up!

Here’s what you will need. My recipe makes about 20-25 bites, give or take.

-1 1/2 cups of organic rolled oats (dry)
-1/3 cup honey (I used the organic local honey from Sprouts)
-1/2 cup of chocolate chips
-2-3 tbsps chia seeds
-1/2 cup of all natural/organic crunchy peanut butter (you can use a different butter too…like cashew or almond)

Mix the rolled oats together with the peanut butter, fold in the chocolate chips. Drizzle the honey and sprinkle in the chia seeds until it’s all mixed together. Put the mixture in the refrigerator for about 10-15 minutes (to get a better consistency when you roll ‘em up into balls). Roll up into individual balls/bites and place in the freezer until ready to eat.

Yum! I am getting excited just talking about these. I will have to make some more here very soon.

2016-04-10 16.26.03

Do you have any fun post workout recipes to share?

Happy Juice, Irving Marathon and Weekend Recap.

Well hello Monday! Yes…I have to say it is an excellent day for some happy juice aka COFFEE. Hey, it’s my birthday month and Starbucks is a great gift. Am I right?! Just saying if you were wondering what to get me, now you know.

Oh yes…and it is MARATHON Monday! Who all will be watching the Boston Marathon today? *raises hand* Yes, I definitely will be. Um, I kind of wish we all lived in Boston and had the day off of work. Oh wouldn’t that be nice?

In honor of this special day and while we sip on a little coffee, let’s recap this past weekend! I had the opportunity to pace the Irving Marathon, basically in my own backyard! This was my 19th 26.2 and what a great day it was. Although I have been a pacer 3 times before this was my first time pacing the full gusto. So, I was a tad nervous but overall pretty confident I could complete the task and ready to run with a bunch of awesome folks!

Here are just some of the pacers. There was a half marathon as well and a lot of folks in my running club paced the 13.1.


We lined up to the start, ready to go. I had a 4:15 gal in front of me and a 4:45 lady behind me so that was a nice gage too, to make sure I was staying on pace and on track.

2016-04-18 08.50.23

The course itself is mostly flat, with just a couple of slight inclines…and 2 loops of roughly 13.1 miles. So we got to run with the half marathoners (who started 10 minutes after us) for a lot of the way and then we began our second loop out! We got real lucky because the weather was cool and breezy in the morning, kind of humid but cloud cover the entire way. The sun did come out towards the very end and I started feeling it around mile 18 or so. I held a really consistent pace a majority of the way and got to run with a bunch of fun people. There were a lot of first time marathoners running, and even 1 gal I ran with that was using the marathon as her training run for her 9th ULTRA in South Africa!

2016-04-18 08.49.51

Another dude was qualifying to join the rankings of the Marathon Maniacs…and of course it’s always fun to see someone jump on board the insane asylum with me! I was so excited to be there to see these folks hit new PRs and achieve their goals.


Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.56.13 AM

I was nervous about hitting that 4:30 finish (especially since I was pacing solo) but in the end I NAILED it and came in right on target! What an exhilarating feeling that was. Overall I really enjoyed being a pacer for this race. And I was so thankful to have my Irving Running Club crew there with me! They are basically the best cheerleaders, crowd support and runners in the land.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.58.44 AM

And really the cherry on top of the sundae was the post marathon recovery wine on my patio. Breezy beautiful day sipping on a little vino.


I went on a little Sunday afternoon stroll…so happy to be recovering and hoping to get some decent running in this week! On to the next.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.59.53 AM

How was your weekend? Did you race or run long? Tell me about it!