Fun in the Sun – Wknd Recap.

Happy Monday to you! How was your weekend? Let’s get caught up!
My weekend was filled with some fun in the sun, teaching back to back dance classes (LOVE) and catching up with friends old and new! Friday night I went out with the boyfriend and some good friends of ours. Took some snapshots with the girls. Good times as always.
It had been a long time since I’d been out on a Friday, as most of those nights are dedicated to getting some shut eye so I can be up early for a Saturday long run with my running group. Saturday morning, I slept in. Unheard of, right? It was soo nice. Then I had to teach Danceaton at the 24 Hour Fitness Irving gym at noon. We have been getting ready for our big flash mob which will be next weekend!
Here’s a flashback of one of the flash mobs we did at the Galleria in Dallas.
After I taught dance of course I had to squeeze in my plank-a-day. Eric decided to join me in my endeavor. Couples that plank together stay together, isn’t that the saying!?
I also decided I wanted a hair upgrade this weekend. So my stylist Lydia highlighted my hair! I am already loving the sun streaks. Much needed update.
Saturday night boyfriend and I went to one of the newer services at my church. Can I just say that church on Saturdays is such a genius idea? I love being able to have my entire day free on Sundays knowing you have gone to church the night before. We had a little date night on Saturday night and went to see the movie ‘Think Like a Man’. Go see it, by yourself, with girlfriends or with your man! GREAT movie to strike up a conversation!
Sunday I went to Gaby’s Danceaton class at the gym, then hung out at the pool and went to a bbq.
It was such a beautiful day to bask in the sunshine! I brought over some of my famous skinny buffalo chicken dip to the pool with Texas Rangers style blue & red tortilla chips.
This week I will be doing more cross training (teaching dance class again tonight) and just may sneak a run in this week somewhere! Thursday is my birthday so I just may make it my comeback BIRTHDAY RUN. Stay tuned!

cake the boyfriend got me a couple of yrs ago when I first started getting into running ;-)

How was your weekend? Did you grill or hang out by the pool? What is your favorite poolside snack? 

4 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun – Wknd Recap.

  1. great weekend! that cake is too cool. i am jealous of that flash mob. i want in! your pool day looks so glam too. love the highlights!! and i’m jealous that you slept in on saturday. i have time to sleep in on weekends but i just NEVER can!

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