Happy Hump Day! I hope you being all kinds of productive today. It’s my Thursday so I’m looking forward to the long 4 day weekend for sure! I will probably not be doing too much blogging as I’ll likely be eating, drinking, RUNNING, and being merry. Because really, isn’t that what Christmas is all about? I am looking forward to spending the Christmas holiday with some good friends, my sweet family, and my hottie of a boyfriend.

Hey Santa, I promise I've been good this year...for the most part.

I am also looking fwd to lots of fun runs this weekend with my running buddies. Starting with tonight…it’s Jingle Bell Run 5K night! I’ll be running and getting my jingle jangle on with the Luke’s Locker crew.

I'll more than likely be busting out the legwarmers again. It's a must.

Then, this weekend I’ll be doing a long marathon training run on Christmas Eve morning with my friend Lori & a few other buddies. (Oh yeah, who has another marathon coming up in less than 2 months? Yeah, that would be me.) Lori is an awesome marathon buddy of mine who is also a Luke’s Locker coach. She will be running the Houston marathon in January, and I’m doing the Galveston marathon in February. We’ll be running say 18 to 20 miles this weekend. It should be a good time! I’m looking fwd to the miles flying by while I catch up with her & some of our friends.

Me & Lori at the Rock N Roll New Orleans Marathon 2011

So since I haven’t done anything particularly Pinteresting lately, I figured I had better catch you up on what I’ve been pinning. I love Pinterest because not only does it give you amazing ideas about what to cook, how to decorate your home, or what fun silly crafts to start on, it also has really inspiring, motivating words to get you up and moving. And frankly, since it’s the holidays and all and since I don’t plan on eating clean and healthy all weekend (just keepin’ it real) I wanted to give you some words of RUNSPIRATION. Because I love me some sweets…but guess what…I also LOVE to MOVE and SWEAT, thus combating the naughty holiday eating! Can I get an amen?!
And on that note, I’ll leave you with a random photo of my Daystar work family from our Christmas potluck yesterday! Can you find me?
What are some words of RUNspiration that inspire you? 

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